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Lighting is the most important feature when designing a home or industrial landscape layout. There are so many ways in which can revitalize outdoor areas,

One very popular option is the addition of outdoor lights.

Can showcase gardens, water features, patios. fireplaces or barbecues by installing various types of lighting once the sun goes down.

Outdoor lighting serves so many functions.

The main could be said to be the creation of visual appeal of installing lighting to certain spots of the landscape.

Not only outdoor lighting used for its aesthetic and dramatic quality,

Lights are also used for security reasons.

Installing flood lights and spot lights in darker areas of the property can increase the security of the property..

Installing lights along walkways, pathways and driveways is making entering and exiting the property much safer for the family and guests.

One idea might be to install Paver Lights into the surface of walkways, so there is permanent lighting,

This ensures that no one trips or slips over in the dark and possibly injuring them selves.

Outdoor lighting is also used to highlight and accentuate particular features that may have in the landscape.

If there is a waterfall, pond, fountain, sculpture, statue or a beautiful garden, lighting can be applied.

This will create a focal point to such stunning features at night.

This way the hard work, time and money that have spent on the landscape is viewable at night time as well.

Motion detectors may be better for walkways and entrances to the home.

Spot lights may be better to highlight beautiful fountains ponds.

Tips for Lighting the garden

  • It is a good idea to use a combination of up, side and down lighting to create appeal and to highlight the special features of the landscape.

  • For large areas and for security purposes, use standard voltage, but for creating focal points use low voltage lights.

  • Shine the most light on doorways to provide safe guidance for visitors.

  • Light up your pathways and walkways, this will create safety for the family and guests at night time.

  • Use three dimensional lighting techniques, rather than using one bright light to light up a feature.

  • Always purchase quality fittings and accessories, for them to be durable.

  • Use timers to light up the gardens at night, providing an excellent security device for when the house may be empty.

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