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Plants are beautiful living things that can bring a new life to the landscape or to the house.

With beautiful colors and scents, It will transform the landscape into a lush garden paradise.

There are thousands of plant varieties to choose from such as flowering plants, indoor plants and artificial plants.

It all depends on what is expected to achieve from the landscape and what is within the budget.

These are very important for a landscape as they enhance their surrounding environment with beauty and serenity.

However, Plants are essential for the survival of other living creatures, like aquarium plants for fish tanks.

They provide food, shelter and air for the insects that are essential for our ecosystem. Thus it is important to incorporate lots of plants into a landscape.

Every area of a landscape is ideal for some kind of plant. There is no limit, the more plants there are, the more beauty and freshness in the landscape.

Benefits of Plants

  • Add color and life to the outdoor living area

  • Provide shaded areas within the landscape

  • Helps modify temperatures

  • Also assist in reducing wind speed

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Provides privacy for the backyard

  • Overall aesthetic appeal

Factors to Consider when choosing Plants

Important factors must be considered when choosing plants for a landscape.

One of the most important factors is the climate conditions in the area.

This will give an indication of which plants would thrive with the weather conditions.

Some plants are specific in their requirements for survival such as tropical plants and bamboo.

Consideration must also be given to the space available within the landscape.

Some require a specified amount of space to grow and can only grow to certain sizes.

Another factor to consider is colors.

When plants are in their blooming season, colors should compliment the landscape surroundings.

Finally attraction of insects, this may have also should be considered carefully. For example, lavender is prone to attract bees, so if a member of the client’s family is allergic then this would not suit to that landscape.


These are used for decoration and beautifying landscaping. Shrubs within a landscape is perfect for filling bare spaces, adding color and scent to a garden.

Evergreen shrubs can bring a whole new life to a garden. There are many varieties of shrubs to choose from coming in different sizes and colors.

Shrubs also house other living creatures and wildlife and are therefore very important for a landscape.

The presence of wildlife will bring a more authentic atmosphere. The plants and shrubs will provide air, shelter and food.

Rose shrubs also enhance the surrounding environment with serenity and beauty.

Shrubs come in a variety of different sizes and colors. Some shrubs are just green in color and can be used for hedges or barriers to distinguish different sections of a landscape.

Other shrubs blossom beautiful flowers in all different colors and patterns and can be used to brighten up the landscape garden.

Depending on what the client’s individual taste is, there are shrubs to accommodate all purposes.

Benefits of Shrubs

  • Add colour and life to the landscape

  • Helps modify temperatures

  • Shrubs also assist in reducing wind speed

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Provide shaded areas within the outdoor living area

  • Can be used as barriers or fencing in your backyard

Planting Shrubs

When shrubs are purchased from a garden center, they are sold in containers with their full root system intact.

It is simply a matter of transporting them to the soil; they are very easy to get established. This will save a lot of gardening time and they will be fairly self-sufficient during this time.

If more color is required for the garden flowering shrubs can be used.

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