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Trees are very important components of a natural residential landscape.

They are valuable addition to any landscape providing shade and best of all, color and beauty to surroundings.

There are thousands of species of trees to choose.

Such as willow and pine trees.

So it is important to select a tree that will accommodate needs and will complement the landscape.

A large tree can be planted If there is a bare area within the landscape.

Selecting the right tree is also an essential part.

An important factor to consider is the rate of mulching, how often and how much.

If the client doesn’t have the time to be raked up leaves regularly, a tree must be selected that will accommodate his gardening schedule.

Positioning Trees

These are beautiful additions to any landscape.

But, appropriate positioning is essential for the life of the tree if you are selecting a large tree.

Poorly positioned trees can become a problem in the future if the size and growth is not carefully considered.

It is a hassle to remove a large tree but can be quite expensive.

Other positioning factors to also consider when selecting trees for a landscape:

  • size

  • shape at full maturity

  • Interference with any surroundings

  • location of the tree in the landscape

  • where shade will be provided and at what times throughout the day

Finally, must consider the intended purpose of the tree and will it provide this purpose in the location that is chosen. These factors are especially important for fruit trees.

Benefits of Trees

  • Beneficial to providing shaded areas within the landscape.

  • Make outdoor living space more pleasant, bringing serenity, peace and tranquility to the landscape.

  • Many respond to the presence of trees simply by observing and admiring their beauty.

  • Provide wind protection.

  • Provide a habitat for other living creatures and wildlife.

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